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The product "Advertising Balloon" is effective for use in indoor and outdoor illuminated signs for window dressing , sales places , bars , cafes, offices, and at exhibitions and fairs to attract shoppers and visitors.

Different physical forms of the unit can use it for promotional purposes during football matches and other sporting events.

This is a fundamentally new device in the field of illuminated signs showing the illusion of free- floating in the air volume of advertising messages , images, and text messages are represented in this mysterious and attractive. Appropriate choice for the needs of a specific advertiser shape, forming a body of revolution can provide different promotional effects. For example, the image synthesizer , with the arc of the circle or ellipse allows you to display static, dynamic advertising messages and images on an invisible observer surface of a sphere or ellipsoid free-floating vase, apple , hamburger , beverage containers , decaying jet fountain , Christmas tree , etc. With some technical limitations in the future and can create more complex three-dimensional shapes and dynamic images, including larger geometrical dimensions.

It is in effect a free floating is the fundamental difference between the light of the effects achieved by a device of this type , from the popular show business laser demonstration systems that leave a clear space in the visible light trails stretching from the laser projectors to images. Furthermore , laser systems and devices are quite expensive and therefore have limited applicability .The effect of the dynamic volume holography, achieved through the stroboscopic effect , the special geometry and technology of some device nodes , as well as special software.High consumer properties of products based on the action of the psychological effect of " Sensual transfer" , open the famous scientist Paul Cheskin - adviser of " Procter & Gamble " . The essence of this discovery is that the properties of the packaging or advertising carried on the product , up to major changes of human sensations .The effect of the "free floating " luminous images and text creates a sense of observing acute novelty and surprise - one of the strongest in the spectrum of human experience . The higher the degree of creative expression of surprise in advertising , especially her long existence is ensured .The standard product "Advertising Balloon" is designed to display the symbol and text information, running around in circles. In this string of characters slowly rotates on a background surround a glowing object in the form of the globe, which also rotates at any speed and in any direction (optional). The product consists of the following main components : rotating device , electronics and projecting the rack , which creates a form of advertising .The product "Advertising Ball" has a license for the production and know-how . The author has all rights to the intellectual property international priority from 1999/08/26 for all the countries of the Paris Convention.

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